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Jörg Tittel


Jörg Tittel

Jörg was born in Belgium, and then moved to New York City, where he graduated from NYU Tisch School of the Arts and the Stella Adler Conservatory. To finance his degree, he worked for a variety of international videogame magazines, including Next Gen, Official Dreamcast Magazine, Famitsu DC and others.

After acting in numerous stage productions, he moved to Los Angeles to work as a Game Designer/ Writer on the 'Minority Report' video game, based on Steven Spielberg's film. On a mission to improve creative collaborations across movies, games and television, Jörg is a frequent speaker on transmedia, e.g at. Develop, BAFTA, London Book Fair, GDC Europe and StoryDrive at Frankfurt Book Fair. That said, Jörg also enjoys telling 'linear' stories like "2+2+2", a play starring Richard E. Grant he wrote & produced at London's King's Head Theatre. His film Testudo (2007) was in competition at festivals such as the Krakow Film Festival, Raindance and the East End Film Festival. His latest film as writer and producer, Battle for Britain (2010) starring Julian Glover, has been shown at the Oscar-qualifying Cleveland International Film Festival, Newport Beach Film Festival and Krakow Film Festival, to name but a few.

In 2011, Jörg's transmedia production company, Oiffy LLP, will release an iPad and iPhone game which he has created and is developing with one of the UK's top iOS developers. This will be the first game ever to announce --- and interact with --- a "serious" independent drama based on historical events, a film which Jörg will direct next year.

Jörg Tittel

Books by Jörg Tittel

Written by Jörg Tittel with illustrations by John Aggs - Fiction, Graphic Novel

Rick Rouse is a US Army deserter who, after running away to China, gets a job at Fengxian Amusement Park --- a family destination heavily “inspired” by Western culture, featuring Rambi (the deer with a red headband), Ratman (the caped crusader with a rat’s tail), Bumbo (small ears and a big behind) and dozens of other original characters.