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Iain McIntosh


Iain McIntosh

Iain McIntosh

Books by Iain McIntosh

written by Alexander McCall Smith, with illustrations by Iain McIntosh - Nonfiction, Poetry

What matters most in life? For Alexander McCall Smith, it is friendship, love and travel --- the themes found throughout his work that have made him a cherished writer the world over. This first collection of Smith’s poems reflects on these topics with all his characteristic wit and charm. There are moments of sweeping insight and soaring feeling, and moments that will have you laughing along as they subtly shift your worldview. This inimitable writer shares his distinctively astute and good-natured observations on life, love and beauty, reminding us of the deep satisfaction that can be found when we open ourselves up to the world with our whole heart, and watch as it takes on a kinder and gentler shape.

written by Alexander McCall Smith, illustrated by Iain McIntosh - Fiction, Short Stories

In TINY TALES, Alexander McCall Smith explores romance, ambition, kindness and happiness in 30 short stories accompanied by 30 witty cartoons designed by Iain McIntosh. Here we meet the first Australian pope, who hopes to finally find some peace and quiet back home in Perth; a psychotherapist turned motorcycle racetrack manager; and an aspiring opera singer who gets her unlikely break onstage. And, of course, we spend time in McCall Smith’s beloved Scotland, where we are introduced to progressive Vikings, a group of housemates with complex romantic entanglements, and a couple of globe-trotting dentists. These tales and illustrations depict the full scope of human experience and reveal the rich tapestry of life --- painted in miniature.