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Hugh Howard


Hugh Howard

Hugh Howard's numerous books include DR. KIMBALL AND MR. JEFFERSON; the definitive THOMAS JEFFERSON: ARCHITECT; his memoir HOUSE-DREAMS; and, most recently, the very successful HOUSES OF THE FOUNDING FATHERS. He resides in upstate New York with his wife, writer Elizabeth Lawrence, and their two teenage daughters.

Hugh Howard

Books by Hugh Howard

by Hugh Howard - History, Nonfiction

Differing radically in their views on architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright and Philip Johnson shared a restless creativity, enormous charisma and an outspokenness that made each man irresistible to the media. Often publicly at odds, they were the 20th century's flint and steel; their repeated encounters consistently set off sparks. Yet, as acclaimed historian Hugh Howard shows, their rivalry was also a fruitful artistic conversation, one that yielded new directions for both men. It was not despite but rather because of their contentious --- and not always admiring --- relationship that they were able to influence history so powerfully.

by Hugh Howard - History, Nonfiction, Politics

Now marking its bicentennial, the War of 1812 remains the least understood of America’s wars. Neither side gained a clear triumph, but in truth it was our second war of independence, settling once and for all that America would never again submit to Britain. It featured humiliating disasters and stirring successes. Here, Hugh Howard brings a forgotten conflict alive and offers a vivid portrait of two key figures at its center: President James Madison and his charismatic, courageous first lady Dolley.