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Howard P. Willens


Howard P. Willens

Howard P. Willens is an attorney, author and historian who has practiced law in both the public and private sectors in Washington D.C. He received his undergraduate degree in political science from the University of Michigan in 1953 and his law degree from Yale Law School in 1956. He is the author of HISTORY WILL PROVE US RIGHT: An Insider Reveals the True Story of the Warren Commission Investigation of the JFK Assassination.

Books by Howard P. Willens

by Howard P. Willens - History, Nonfiction, Politics, True Crime

In this eye-opening new account of the Warren Commission and its findings, Howard P. Willens sets out to prove that Warren's advice ("history will prove that we are right") was prescient. Willens, one of the few living staff members of the Commission, supervised the investigation from the very beginning and has waited until now to silence the critics and well-intentioned armchair detectives.