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Hilary Davidson


Hilary Davidson

Hilary Davidson was a journalist before she turned to the dark side and started writing crime fiction. Her novels include the award-winning Lily Moore series (THE DAMAGE DONE, THE NEXT ONE TO FALL and EVIL IN ALL ITS DISGUISES), the bestselling Shadows of New York series (ONE SMALL SACRIFICE and DON'T LOOK DOWN), and the stand-alone novels BLOOD ALWAYS TELLS and HER LAST BREATH. She is also the author of some 50 short stories. Her fiction has won two Anthony Awards, a Derringer Award and a host of other accolades. Toronto born and raised, she moved to New York City in October 2001. She is also the author of 18 nonfiction books.

Hilary Davidson

Books by Hilary Davidson

by Hilary Davidson - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

When her beloved sister Caroline dies suddenly, Deirdre is heartbroken. However, her sorrow turns to bone-chilling confusion when she receives a message Caroline sent days earlier warning that her death would be no accident. It claimed that Caroline’s husband, Theo, killed his first wife and got away with it. Reeling from the news, Deirdre confronts Theo on the way to the cemetery, and he reveals both his temper and his suspicion that Deirdre’s “perfect” sister was having an affair. Paranoid and armed with just enough information to make her dangerous, Deirdre digs into the disturbing secrets buried with Caroline. But as she gets closer to the truth, she realizes that her own life may be at risk…and that there may be more than one killer in the family.

by Hilary Davidson - Fiction, Mystery, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

NYPD detective Sheryn Sterling has had her eye on Alex Traynor ever since his friend, Cori, fell to her death under suspicious circumstances a year ago. Cori’s death was ruled a suicide, but Sheryn thinks that Alex --- a wartime photojournalist suffering from PTSD --- got away with murder. When Alex’s fiancée, Emily, a talented and beloved local doctor, suddenly goes missing, Sheryn suspects that Alex is again at the center of a sticky case. But as she starts pulling at the threads in this web, her whole theory unravels. Everyone involved remembers the night Cori died differently --- and the truth about her death could be the key to solving Emily’s disappearance.

by Hilary Davidson - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Dominique Monaghan just wanted to get even with her two-timing, married boyfriend, a washed-up boxer stuck in a toxic marriage to a dangerously spoiled socialite. However, an elaborate blackmail scheme soon lands her in the middle of an unexpected kidnapping…and attempted murder. But who is actually out to kill whom?