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Glen Duncan


Glen Duncan

Glen Duncan was chosen by both Arena and The Times Literary Supplement as one of Britain’s best young novelists. He lives in London.

Glen Duncan

Books by Glen Duncan

by Glen Duncan - Fantasy, Fiction, Horror, Paranormal

With her twins safely at her side, and the devotion of her lover, Walker, Talulla has what appears to be a normal family life --- except for their monthly transformation into werewolves hungry for human flesh. But even this hard-won, tenuous peace is undermined for Talulla by nagging thoughts of Remshi, the 20,000-year-old vampire who haunts her dreams. As the novel unfolds, Talulla and Remshi are inexorably drawn to each other --- and toward the moment when an ancient prophecy may finally come to pass.

by Glen Duncan - Fantasy

Talulla Demetriou, a werewolf, is grieving for her werewolf lover, Jake, whose violent death has left her alone with her own monstrousness. One the run, pursued by hunters, she must find a place to give brith to Jake's child in secret. The birth gives her some relief, thinking that the worst is over, but the worst has only just begun. She is now stuck in a race against time to save herself and her child from the hunters of the world Organisation for the Control of Occult Phenomena, blood-drinking religious fanatics, and the oldest living vampire.

by Glen Duncan - Fiction, Horror

Jake Marlowe is the last werewolf. Although physically healthy, he has slipped into a deep existential crisis, considering taking his own life and ending a legend that has lived for thousands of years. But there are two dangerous groups with reasons of their own for wanting Jake very much alive.