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Gina Sorell


Gina Sorell

After two decades of working as an actor, Gina Sorell returned to her first love --- writing. A graduate with distinction of UCLA Extension Writers' Program, she is the author of MOTHERS AND OTHER STRANGERS and THE WISE WOMEN. Originally from Johannesburg, Gina has lived in New York and Los Angeles, and now lives in Toronto with her husband and son. Gina balances the solitary hours of fiction writing with work as a creative director and brand storyteller under the banner of her own agency, Words Make The Brand.

Gina Sorell

Books by Gina Sorell

by Gina Sorell - Fiction, Women's Fiction

Popular advice columnist Wendy Wise has been skillfully advising women for four decades. So why are her own daughters’ lives such a mess? Clementine has just discovered that she is actually renting the Queens home that she thought she owned, because her husband Steve secretly funneled their money into his flailing start-up. Meanwhile, her sister Barb has overextended herself at her architecture firm and reunited semi-unhappily with her cheating girlfriend. When Steve goes MIA and Clementine receives an eviction notice, Wendy swoops in to save the day. But as soon as she sets her sights on hunting down her rogue son-in-law, Barb and Clementine quickly discover that their mother has been hiding more than a few problems of her own.

by Gina Sorell - Fiction

"My father proposed to my mother at gunpoint when she was nineteen, and knowing that she was already pregnant with a dead man’s child, she accepted." Thus begins this riveting story of a woman's quest to understand her recently deceased mother, a glamorous, cruel narcissist who left her only child, Elsie, an inheritance of debts and mysteries. While coping with threats that she suspects are coming from the cult-like spiritual program her mother belonged to, Elsie works to unravel the message her dying mother left for her, a quest that ultimately takes her to the South African family homestead she never knew existed.