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Geronimo Stilton


Geronimo Stilton

Geronimo Stilton is the Editor in chief of the Rodent's Gazette, the most famous daily newspaper on Mouse Island, but his true passion is to write books, which become all bestsellers. He likes to read books, he likes to listen to classical music, play golf, even collect antique, 18th century cheese rinds, of all things! He adores his work and his family, but he hates to travel, because he gets airsick, seasick and carsick. Nonetheless, he often gets involved by Thea and his friends in extreme situations and adventures all around the world.

Geronimo Stilton

Books by Geronimo Stilton

by Geronimo Stilton - Children's, Fiction, Graphic Novel

The first Olympic Games are about to take place, and the Pirate Cats have traveled back in time to enter the competition. In order to gain an edge, they bring all sorts of modern-age sports gear to improve their odds of winning. It's up to Geronimo and the gang to foil their scheme and save history.

by Geronimo Stilton - Children's, Fiction, Mystery

Someone has been digging holes around Squeakspeare Mansion at night, and Billy Squeakspeare wants to find out who it is. The dangerous, legendary pirate Morgan Darkwhisker is said to have buried his long-lost treasure near Squeakspeare Mansion years ago. Could he be hunting for his hidden riches? It's up to Billy and Creepella to find the treasure first.