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Ford Madox Ford


Ford Madox Ford


Ford Madox Ford was born Ford Hermann Hueffer in Kent in 1873. He married Elsie Martindale in 1894. His first published works were fairy stories. In 1898 he met Joseph Conrad and they collaborated on several works including the novels, THE INHERITORS and ROMANCE. He published over eighty books in total, THE FIFTH QUEEN appearing first in three parts during the period 1907-8. In 1915 he published THE GOOD SOLDIER, which he regarded as his finest achievement. In the same year he enlisted in the army and served as an infantry officer. PARADE'S END, the culmination of his experiences during the First World War, was published in four parts between 1924 and 1928.

He moved to Paris in 1922 and two years later founded the Transatlantic Review, whose contributors included, among others, James Joyce, Ezra Pound and Gertrude Stein. In his later years he divided his time between France and America. Ford Madox Ford also published several volumes of autobiography and reminiscence, including RETURN TO YESTERDAY (1931) and IT WAS THE NIGHTINGALE (1933), and a final characteristically personal and ambitious volume of criticism, THE MARCH OF LITERATURE. He died in Deauville in 1939.

Ford Madox Ford

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Christopher Tietjens is torn between his unfaithful wife and his young suffragette mistress. When he leaves to fight in World War I he knows that the battlefield can only mirror what is going on at home. When he returns he must make a choice between the two women that will forever change his life.