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Fiona McIntosh


Fiona McIntosh

Fiona McIntosh left a public relations career in London to see the world and has since roamed the globe for her work in the travel industry. After 16 years of running a travel magazine with her husband, she has settled down to full-time writing. She admits to a helpless obsession for chocolate and runs an elite competition, over which she alone presides, for the supreme chocolate products. According to McIntosh, France presently leads the charge, and she is still recovering from the Laduree chocolate macaroon experience during the 2009 Paris Book Fair. By the close of 2009, she will have 19 hotly selling novels published in fantasy, crime and children’s. She researches her books meticulously, and her years of traveling for work has given her a wonderful foundation from which to draw upon. She now globe-trots almost entirely for her novels, her most recent wanderings having taken her to southern India and Cornwall.

McIntosh lives with her husband, twin teenage sons, two dogs, and a pair of canaries in Adelaide, Australia, although she splits her writing time between South Australia and Tasmania.

She impatiently awaits the call from Peter Jackson regarding THE QUICKENING and from the BBC regarding DCI JACK HAWKSWORTH.

Fiona McIntosh

Books by Fiona McIntosh

by Fiona McIntosh - Fantasy, Fiction

Ex-psychologist Gabe Figaret was done with patients for good, until he meets Angelina, a young mute woman he’s been asked to mentor. When she starts speaking about another realm called Morgravia, he doubts her, but soon comes under the spell of her compelling visions. As Gabe delves deeper into Angelina’s unsettled psyche, he learns more about his own soul, his past, and whom he can trust in his own troubled life.