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Evan Wright


Evan Wright

Evan Alan Wright is an American writer, known for his extensive reporting on subcultures for Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair, sometimes using his full name: Evan Alan Wright. He is best known for his book on the Iraq War, GENERATION KILL. In 2012 he wrote an expose about a top CIA officer who allegedly worked as a mob hit man, HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER IN AMERICA.

Though some compare his writings to those of Hunter S. Thompson, Wright claims his biggest literary influences were Mark Twain and British-American author Christopher Isherwood.The New York Times called his military writing "nuanced and grounded in details often overlooked in daily journalistic accounts" and noted his use of "gallows humor."

Evan Wright

Books by Evan Wright

by Evan Wright - Military

Evan Wright lived on the front lines with this platoon from the opening hours of combat, to the fall of Baghdad, through the start of the guerrilla war. He was welcomed into their ranks, and from this bird's-eye perspective he tells the unsettling story of young men trained by their country to be ruthless killers. He chronicles the triumphs and horrors-physical, moral, emotional, and spiritual-that these marines endured while achieving victory in a war many questioned before it began.