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Erica Katz


Erica Katz

Erica Katz is the pseudonym for a graduate of Columbia Law School who began her career at a major Manhattan law firm. A native of New Jersey, she now lives in New York City, where she’s employed at another large law firm. She is the author of THE BOYS’ CLUB and FAKE.

Erica Katz

Books by Erica Katz

by Erica Katz - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Emma Caan is a forger, an artist who specializes in 19th-century paintings. But she isn’t a criminal; her copies are commissioned by museums and ultra-wealthy collectors protecting their investments. Emma has more than mastered a Gauguin brushstroke and a van Gogh wheat field, but her work is sometimes a painful reminder of the artistic dreams she once chased for herself. When oligarch art collector Leonard Sobetsky unexpectedly appears with an invitation, Emma sees a way out --- a new job, a new path for herself, and access to the kind of money she needs to support her unstable and recently widowed mother. But every invitation incurs an obligation…and Emma isn’t prepared for what’s to come.

by Erica Katz - Fiction

Alex Vogel has always been a high achiever who lived her life by the book. Accepting a dream offer at a prestigious Manhattan law firm, she promises her sweet and supportive longtime boyfriend that the job won’t change her. Yet Alex is seduced by the firm’s money and energy…and by her cocksure male colleagues. But as her clients’ expectations and demands on her increase, and Alex finds herself magnetically drawn to a handsome coworker, she begins to question everything. When something happens that reveals the dark reality of the firm, Alex can no longer stand by silently --- even if doing what’s right means putting everything on the line to expose the shocking truth.