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Eliza Graham


Eliza Graham

Eliza lives in the Oxfordshire countryside with her family in an ancient village. Her interests (still) mainly revolve around reading, but she also enjoys walking in the downland country around her home.

Her first novel, PLAYING WITH THE MOON, was longlisted for Richard & Judy's Summer Read and World Book Day's Book to Talk About in 2007.

Eliza Graham

Books by Eliza Graham

by Eliza Graham - Historical Fiction, Literary

Days before the outbreak of World War II, a terrorist bomb explodes on a busy street, killing and maiming innocent civilians. A man is hanged on the evidence given by a young witness. As time goes on, the witness doubts her recollection of events, but her testimony has already had far-reaching consequences. In the wake of the 7/7 London bombings, Sara returns to her childhood home to find that her sister, Polly, missing for more than ten years, has finally come back too. Polly’s return sets in motion events that will stretch the women’s fragile bond to its breaking point.