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David Sosnowski


David Sosnowski

Born in 1959 in Taylor, Michigan, David Sosnowski holds a BA in English Lit from the University of Michigan and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Alaska-Fairbanks. He edited the literary journal permafrost as a graduate student at UAF, and has taught at the universities of Alaska, Michigan, Detroit and Wayne State.

David’s short fiction has appeared in numerous literary magazines, including Passages North, River City, The MacGuffin and The Bridge. His literary awards and honors include: third place, River City Fiction Prize, 1992 (judge: David Leavitt); first place, Thomas Wolfe Fiction Prize, 1994 (judge: Barbara Kingsolver); Arts Foundation of Michigan grant recipient for fiction, 1995; 1996; Ragdale Foundation resident, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1998, 2002, 2007 and 2009.

David’s first novel, RAPTURE, was published in 1996 in both the US and the UK, and told the story of a mysterious virus which causes its victims to sprout six-foot wings. VAMPED, his second novel, was published in 2004 and has been translated into both Japanese and Russian. VAMPED tells the story of a world in which vampires outnumber humans, have to live on bottled blood, and get real jobs. HAPPY DOOMSDAY, his third novel, was published by 47 North in September 2018. HAPPY DOOMSDAY folllows three teen outsiders as they learn that the end of the world isn't necessarily the end of the world for everybody. David's fourth and latest novel, BUZZ KILL, released in January 2020 from 47North.

David Sosnowski

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by David Sosnowski - Fiction, Humor, Science Fiction

Pandora Lynch lives in Alaska with her single dad, an online therapist for Silicon Valley’s brightest and squirreliest. Homeschooled by computer and a self-taught hacker, Pandora is about to enter high school to learn how to be normal. That’s the plan at least. NorCal runaway George Jedson is a hacker too --- one who leaves the systems he attacks working better than before. After being scooped up by a social media giant, will George go legit --- or pull off the biggest hack ever? After meeting in cyberspace, the two young hackers combine their passions to conceive a brainchild named BUZZ. Can this baby AI learn to behave, or will it be like its parents and think outside the box?