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David Savill


David Savill

David Savill is a writer, former journalist, and writing teacher. 

His debut novel, THEY ARE TRYING TO BREAK YOUR HEART, was chosen as a Netgalley book of the month and reviewed in The Times Literary Supplement

David teach Creative Writing at The University of Salford in Manchester. 

His work is interested in the places where the personal and political collide, in the fiction of global affairs, and the aftermath of conflicts.

David Savill

Books by David Savill

by David Savill - Fiction, Political Thriller, Politics, Thriller

In 1994, Marko Novak’s world is torn apart by the death of his best friend, Kemal, a young soldier in the darkest days of the Bosnian war. After the funeral, Marko flees to England, hoping to put his broken homeland, and the part he played in the loss of his friend, behind him. In 2004, human rights researcher Anya Teal is following a tenuous lead in the hunt for a Bosnian man with blood on his hands. What nobody knows is that a disaster as destructive as a war is approaching, detonated in the seabed of the Indian Ocean, one that will connect the fates of Marko, William, and Anya, across the years and continents. In its wake, everything Marko thought he knew will be overturned.