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David King


David King

David King is the New York Times bestselling author of DEATH IN THE CITY OF LIGHT, VIENNA 1814, SIX DAYS IN AUGUST and THE TRIAL OF ADOLF HITLER. A Cambridge graduate and a Fulbright Scholar, he taught European history at the University of Kentucky. His books have been translated into more than a dozen languages. He lives in Lexington, Kentucky.

David King

Books by David King

by David King - Nonfiction, True Crime

On the morning of August 23, 1973, a man wearing a wig, makeup and a pair of sunglasses walked into the main branch of Sveriges Kreditbank, a prominent bank in central Stockholm. He ripped out a submachine gun, fired it into the ceiling and shouted, "The party starts!" This was the beginning of a six-day hostage crisis --- and media circus --- that would mesmerize the world. Complicated emotional relationships developed between captors and captives that would launch a remarkable new concept into the realm of psychology, hostage negotiation and popular culture. SIX DAYS IN AUGUST captures the surreal events in their entirety, on an almost minute-by-minute basis, and forces us to consider "Stockholm syndrome" in an entirely new light.

by David King - History, Nonfiction

THE TRIAL OF ADOLF HITLER tells the true story of the monumental criminal proceeding that thrust Hitler into the limelight after the failed beer hall putsch provided him with an unprecedented stage for his demagoguery, and set him on his improbable path to power. Reporters from as far away as Argentina and Australia flocked to Munich for the sensational, four-week spectacle. By the end, Hitler would transform a fiasco into a stunning victory for the fledgling Nazi Party.

by David King - Fiction, History, True Crime

This is the gripping, true story of a brutal serial killer who unleashed his own reign of terror in Nazi-Occupied Paris. As decapitated heads and dismembered body parts surfaced in the Seine, Commissaire Georges-Victor Massu, head of the Brigade Criminelle, was tasked with tracking down the elusive murderer.