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Cynthia Lord


Cynthia Lord

Cynthia Lord was inspired to write TOUCH BLUE by her own experience as a Maine island school teacher, and by a community of islanders also off the coast of Maine that once took in foster children in order to keep their school open. Lord’s debut novel, RULES, was awarded a Newbery Honor and the Schneider Family Book Award, among its many distinctions. TOUCH BLUE is her second novel. Lord lives on the mainland in Maine with her family. Visit her at

Books by Cynthia Lord

by Cynthia Lord - Fiction, Young Adult 10+

The state of Maine plans to shut down Tess's island’s schoolhouse, which would force her family to move to the mainland --- and Tess to leave the only home she has ever known. Fortunately, the islanders have a plan, too: increase the number of students by having several families take in foster children.

by Cynthia Lord - Family, Fiction

Twelve-year-old Catherine just wants a normal life. Which is near impossible when you have a brother with autism and a family that revolves around his disability. But the summer Catherine meets Jason, a surprising, new sort-of friend, and Kristi, the next-door friend she's always wished for, it's her own shocking behavior that turns everything upside down and forces her to ask: What is normal?