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Corban Addison


Corban Addison

Corban Addison is the author of the international bestselling novels, A WALK ACROSS THE SUN and THE GARDEN OF BURNING SAND, which address international human rights issues within the framework of deeply researched and compelling human stories. An attorney, activist, and world traveler, he is a supporter of numerous humanitarian causes, including the abolition of modern slavery, gender-based violence and HIV/AIDS. He lives with his wife and children in Virginia.

Books by Corban Addison

by Corban Addison - Fiction

When a young girl with Down syndrome is sexually assaulted, human rights attorney Zoe Fleming joins Zambian police officer Joseph Kabuta in investigating the rape. Zoe and Joseph discover an unsettling connection between the girl and a powerful Zambian family who will stop at nothing to bury the truth. Opposed on all sides, they find themselves caught in a dangerous clash between the forces of justice and power.