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Cheryl Love


Cheryl Love

Cheryl Love was born in New York. She is a wife, mother and nutrition coordinator. She currently splits her time between Brooklyn, New York, and the metro Atlanta area, with her husband and children.

Books by Cheryl Love

by Bobby Love and Cheryl Love, with Lori L. Tharps - Memoir, Nonfiction

Bobby and Cheryl Love were living in Brooklyn, happily married for decades, when the FBI and NYPD appeared at their door and demanded to know from Bobby, in front of his shocked wife and children, “What is your name? No, what’s your real name?” Bobby’s 38-year secret was out. As a Black child in the Jim Crow South, Bobby found himself in legal trouble before his 14th birthday. Sparked by the desperation he felt in the face of limited options and the pull of the streets, Bobby became a master thief. He soon found himself facing a 30-year prison sentence. But Bobby was smarter than his jailers. He escaped, fled to New York, changed his name and started a new life as “Bobby Love.”