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Charles Baxter


Charles Baxter

Charles Baxter is the author of the novels THE FEAST OF LOVE (nominated for the National Book Award), FIRST LIGHT, SAUL AND PATSY, SHADOW PLAY, THE SOUL THIEF and THE SUN COLLECTIVE, and the story collections BELIEVERS, GRYPHON, HARMONY OF THE WORLD, A RELATIVE STRANGER, THERE'S SOMETHING I WANT YOU TO DO and THROUGH THE SAFETY NET. His stories have been included in The Best American Short Stories. Baxter lives in Minneapolis and teaches at the University of Minnesota and in the MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College.

Charles Baxter

Books by Charles Baxter

by Charles Baxter - Fiction

Once a promising actor, Tim Brettigan has gone missing. His father thinks he may have seen him among some homeless people. And though she knows he left on purpose, his mother has been searching for him all over the city. She checks the usual places --- churches, storefronts, benches --- and stum­bles upon a local community group with lofty goals and an enigmatic leader who will alter all of their lives. Christina, a young woman rapidly becoming addicted to a boutique drug that gives her a feeling of blessedness, is inexplicably drawn to the same collective by a man who’s convinced he may start a revolution. As the lives of these four characters intertwine, a story of guilt, anxiety and feverish hope unfolds in the city of Minneapolis.

by Charles Baxter - Fiction, Short Stories

THERE’S SOMETHING I WANT YOU TO DO is a collection of 10 interrelated stories, the first five named after virtues, the second after vices. Charles Baxter’s point is that all of us cover the spectrum of moral qualities, as do his characters --- from the pediatrician conflicted about his work to the altruistic missionary who contracts a disease in Ethiopia and, upon returning stateside, commits robbery to pay for medicine. In Baxter’s world, as in life, decisions are rarely easy.