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Charlee Fam


Charlee Fam

Charlee Fam is a twenty-something novelist living in New York City. A Long Island native, Charlee graduated from Binghamton University in 2010 with a degree in creative writing and several awards to her name. She recently transitioned from a short stint in journalism to the wonderful (and less stressful) world of public relations. LAST TRAIN TO BABYLON is her first novel.

Books by Charlee Fam

by Charlee Fam - Fiction

Aubrey Glass has a collection of potential suicide notes just in case. And now, five years --- and five notes --- after leaving her hometown, Rachel is the one who goes and kills herself. There’s a voicemail from Aubrey’s former friend, left only days before her death, that Aubrey can’t bring herself to listen to --- and worse, a macabre memorial-turned-high-school reunion that promises the opportunity to catch up with everyone…including the man responsible for everything that went wrong between Aubrey and Rachel.