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Carla Guelfenbein


Carla Guelfenbein

Carla Guelfenbein studied biology at Essex University. She also studied graphic design at St. Martin’s School of Art in London. Back in Chile she worked as Art director in BBDO and fashion editor at ELLE. She is the author of the novels EL REVÉS DEL ALMA, LA MUJER DE MI VIDA, EL RESTO ES SILENCIO, NADAR DESNUDAS, CONTIGO EN LA DISTANCIA, and a number of short stories that have appeared in important magazines and anthologies. Her work has been translated into 14 languages by the most prestigious editorial houses in Europe. Guelfenbein is one of the last bestselling phenomenas of the Chilean narrative. Her second novel ousted Dan Brown in the top of the ranking. CONTIGO EN LA DISTANCIA won the important Alfaguara prize, and was simultaneously launched in Spain and Latin America.

Carla Guelfenbein

Books by Carla Guelfenbein

written by Carla Guelfenbein, translated by Neil Davidson - Fiction, Women's Fiction

In present-day New York, Margarita grapples with insecurities on her 56th birthday. She feels neglected by her husband and suspects he’s having an affair with one of his students. Mysteries surrounding two friends offer both a distraction and unexpected insight: Anne, the concierge of her apartment building, has suddenly vanished without a trace, leaving Anne’s mother to confront a long-held secret. Juliana, now in her 80s, is eager to find the woman who changed the course of her life more than 60 years ago.

written by Carla Guelfenbein, translated by John Cullen - Fiction, Literary Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Vera Sigall, now 80 years old, has lived a mysterious, ascetic life far from the limelight of literary circles. This powerful character has a profound effect on those around her --- Daniel, an architect and her neighbor and friend, unhappy in his marriage and career; Emilia, a Franco-Chilean student who travels to Santiago to write a thesis on the elusive Vera; and Horacio, an acclaimed poet with whom Vera had a tumultuous, passionate affair in her youth. As Daniel, Emilia and Horacio tell their stories, they reconstruct Vera’s past and search for their own identities.