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Brian P. Walsh


Brian P. Walsh

As a 17-year-old volunteer firefighter, Brian Walsh had so much to look forward to --- then, in an instant, caught in a burning building where everything went wrong, he found himself clinging to life, his face burned beyond recognition. Even loved ones encouraged him to pursue a career and life that would keep him largely hidden.

Brian chose another route.

At 18, from behind the mask he wore for two years, he met the love of his life. At 21, he became an insurance agent, one of the most “face-to-face” jobs imaginable. At 26, he co-founded Walsh & Nicholson Financial Group, which today serves over 1,000 clients in wealth management, estate and retirement planning, and more. He holds the esteemed designation of Certified Financial Fiduciary, serves as Vice President of the Million Dollar Round Table Foundation Board, and is deeply involved in charitable pursuits, including finding a cure for juvenile diabetes and supporting firefighters.

Brian lives in Haverford, Pennsylvania, with wife Mary Ann. They have three children and a beautiful granddaughter.

Brian P. Walsh

Books by Brian P. Walsh

by Brian P. Walsh - Autobiography, Nonfiction

Minutes before then-teenager Brian Walsh was called to help put out another fire, he was on top of the world. An hour later, he had suffered such profound burns to his face that he was unidentifiable to his fellow firefighters. Nearly everyone expected him to die that night. He did not. Boldly forging a path forward with courage, grace and determination, Brian silenced his doubters and defied all expectations. Decades later, Brian is an extraordinarily successful and renowned financial planner, family man, community fixture, philanthropist, motivational speaker and industry leader. In BEYOND THE MASK, he tells his incredible story, sharing the lessons that only tragedy could teach and how they helped him --- and can help anyone --- achieve greater success, inside and out.