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Bo Stern


Bo Stern

Bo Stern

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by Bo Stern - Christian, Christian Living, Holiday, Nonfiction

Author Bo Stern has spent the past two Christmases struggling to connect with the joy of the season. As she has watched her husband, Steve, struggle with terminal ALS, Bo has quietly felt her spirit for the season fade --- and has noticed countless others suffering the same way. Through stories and scriptures, Bo offers readers a way to redeem what can often become painful days, guiding them to engage in different ways that offer a tangible outlet for healing.

by Bo Stern - Christian, Nonfiction, Religion & Spirituality

Nothing reveals the gaps in our theology like a big, bad battle. In her first book, BEAUTIFUL BATTLEFIELDS, Bo Stern discussed the ways her family’s battle with ALS has made them stronger and more effective than they have ever been --- crediting the mercy of God and a solid understanding of His character. In her new book, RUTHLESS, Bo’s theology gets wonderfully practical as readers discover what God does for them and through them during “battles” they are engaged in.

by Bo Stern - Christian, Christian Living, Nonfiction

Bo Stern realizes life is full of fierce and unexpected battles. When her husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness, she knew she had found her Goliath. With winsome sincerity, Bo points to the battle plans available to us in Scripture and to our God who brings beauty from the struggles we face.