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Bill Felber


Bill Felber

Bill Felber is executive editor of The Manhattan Mercury. A native of Chicago's south side, he graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in journalism and has worked in that field for more than three decades. A baseball historian and researcher for twenty years, he has authored studies for Total Baseball and other publications on numerous on-field and off-field aspects of the game.

Bill Felber

Books by Bill Felber

by Bill Felber - History, Nonfiction, Sports

Not only was it probably the most cutthroat pennant race in baseball history, it was also a struggle to define how baseball would be played. A GAME OF BRAWL re-creates the rowdy, season-long 1897 battle between the Baltimore Orioles and the Boston Beaneaters.

by Bill Felber - Business, Nonfiction, Sports

THE BOOK ON THE BOOK offers an exciting critique of baseball by placing an actual dollar value on player performance. Felber uses mathematical and statistical principles to evaluate the wisdom of standard baseball strategies. Illustrations and a refreshingly engaging style make THE BOOK ON THE BOOK the new textbook of baseball analysis.