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Bert Randolph Sugar


Bert Randolph Sugar

Bert Randolph Sugar (June 7, 1937 – March 25, 2012) was a boxing writer and sports historian. 

Sugar bought Boxing Illustrated magazine in 1969 and was editor until 1973. From 1979–1983 he was editor and publisher of The Ring. In 1988 he once again began editing Boxing Illustrated. In 1998 he founded Bert Sugar's Fight Game.

Sugar authored over 80 books, mostly on boxing history. Various boxing books that Sugar has written include GREAT FIGHTS, BERT SUGAR ON BOXING, 100 YEARS OF BOXING, STING LIKE A BEE (with José Torres), THE AGELESS WARRIOR (Preface, with Mike Fitzgerald) and BOXING'S GREATEST FIGHTERS. Sugar was called "The Greatest Boxing Writer of the 20th Century" by the International Veterans Boxing Association.

In May 2009 he and Running Press published BERT SUGAR'S BASEBALL HALL OF FAME: A Living History of America's Greatest Game.

Sugar also co-wrote a book about Harry Houdini titled HOUDINI, HIS LIFE AND ART with James Randi.

Bert Randolph Sugar

Books by Bert Randolph Sugar

by Bert Randolph Sugar - History, Nonfiction, Sports

This striking volume takes readers deep into the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum as never before. Since opening its doors in 1939, the Museum has welcomed more than 14 million wide-eyed baseball fans through its hallowed halls to experience the rich history of America’s Pastime. Now, with more than 500 color and black-and-white original and archival photographs --- along with engaging and informative commentary by a celebrated sports raconteur --- BERT SUGAR'S BASEBALL HALL OF FAME: A Living History of America's Greatest Game offers a quintessential take-home of the timeless experience of baseball’s spiritual home