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Audrey Schulman


Audrey Schulman

The Cage, Swimming With Jonah, and A House Named Brazil. In addition to writing, Ms. Schulman programs software, teaches creative writing, and travels the globe in search of adventure. Born in Montreal, she now lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Audrey Schulman

Books by Audrey Schulman

by Audrey Schulman - Fiction

When the phone rings at precisely six o'clock one evening, it shatters the silence of the farmhouse where Fran has lived alone since her mother abandoned her at age fourteen.

She recognizes the voice on the line immediately. Though it has been four years since she left, Fran's mother offers no apologies or explanations. She is calling to tell Fran the family stories. And though Fran longs to hang up on her, she can't help but be drawn in by the strange and wonderful tales her mother has to tell.