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Andrew Klavan


Andrew Klavan

Andrew Klavan is a highly successful author of thrillers and hard-boiled mysteries. Born in New York City, Klavan was raised on Long Island and attended college at UC Berkeley. He published his first novel, FACE OF THE EARTH, in 1977, and continued writing mysteries throughout the '80s, finding critical recognition when THE RAIN (1988) won an Edgar Award for best new paperback.

Besides his crime fiction, Klavan has distinguished himself as an author of supernatural thrillers, most notably DON'T SAY A WORD (1991), which was made into a film starring Michael Douglas. He has two ongoing series: Weiss and Bishop, a private-eye duo who made their debut in DYNAMITE ROAD (2003), and The Homelanders, a young adult series about teenagers who fight radical Islam. Besides his fiction, Klavan writes regular opinion pieces for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and other national publications. He lives in Southern California.

Andrew Klavan

Books by Andrew Klavan

by Andrew Klavan - Fiction, Hard-boiled Mystery, Mystery

The world of Big Tech is full of eccentric characters, but shamanic billionaire Gerald Byrne may be the strangest of the bunch. The founder of Byrner, a global social media platform, Byrne is known for speaking with vague profundity and dabbling in esoteric spiritual practices. And every person who gets in the way of his good work seems to die. When a former student commits suicide, English professor and ex-spy Cameron Winter takes it upon himself to understand why. The young man was expelled from the university in an unfortunate episode that left Winter sympathetic to his plight. After a prolonged silence, he reached out to his teacher with two words just before taking the fatal plunge from the roof of his San Francisco apartment: “Help me.”

by Andrew Klavan - Fiction, Hard-boiled Mystery, Mystery

Three members of a wealthy family, along with their live-in nanny, are pulled from their burning mansion, already dead from gunshot wounds. The only survivor is a young boy whose memory of the event raises more questions than answers. The police seem happy to settle on a simple explanation and arrest the most obvious suspect, but Cameron Winter knows that obvious solutions are seldom the correct ones, and all too often they hide a darker truth. While Winter’s investigation is welcomed by many who knew the victims, the lead detective makes it clear he wants Winter not only to stop looking for answers, but to stay out of his town altogether. Winter begins to understand why as he slowly uncovers crimes and unsavory behavior that had been ignored long before the killings.

by Andrew Klavan - Fiction, Mystery

Colorful Christmas lights dapple the family homes in the idyllic lakeside town of Sweet Haven when Jennifer Dean, a young librarian at the local elementary school, is brutally murdered. There are witnesses, and her boyfriend, Travis Blake, confesses to the crime…but something doesn’t quite add up. Blake is a third-generation Army Ranger, awarded the Silver Star for his heroism in Afghanistan. How could a beloved son of this tight-knit burgh commit such a grisly deed? In steps Cameron Winter, a rugged and lonesome English professor haunted by the ghosts of his own Christmas past, whose former lover asks him to prove Blake innocent. If he can solve this small-town mystery, just maybe he can find peace from his inner demons as well.

by Andrew Klavan - Fiction, Supernatural Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Zach Adams serves on a federal task force that has a single mission: to hunt down Dominic Abend, a European gangster who has taken over the American underworld. In a centuries-old forest under a full moon, a beast assaults Zach, cursing him forever. In the aftermath, he is transformed into something deadly. Now, the good cop has innocent blood on his hands. He has killed --- and will kill again --- in the form of a beast who can’t be controlled or stopped. Before he can free himself, he’s going to have to solve the greatest mystery of all: How can you defeat evil when the evil is inside you?

by Andrew Klavan - Fiction, Thriller

After petty thief John Shannon is wrongly accused of murder, a foreigner who calls himself the Identity Man offers him a new identity and a new life. Shannon can’t resist, but what he thinks is the solution to his fatal problem soon goes disastrously wrong.