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Amy Simpson


Amy Simpson

Amy Simpson (MBA, University of Colorado) is a passionate leader and communicator who loves to encourage Christ’s church and its people to discern and fulfill their calling in this life.

Amy is a former publishing executive who currently serves as Editor of Christianity Today’s Gifted for Leadership and Senior Editor of Leadership Journal. Her background includes a unique career path through both the editorial and business sides of publishing, including for-profit and nonprofit organizational leadership.

She has spent nearly two decades as an award-winning writer, authoring numerous resources for Christian ministry, including DRIVING DEEP: Experiencing Jesus Through Spiritual Disciplines, IN THE WORD: Bible Study Basics for Youth Ministry, INTO THE WORD: How to Get the Most from Your Bible and TROUBLED MINDS: Mental Illness and the Church's Mission. She has published articles with Christianity Today, Leadership Journal, Today’s Christian Woman, Christian Singles, Group magazine, Relevant, Her.meneutics, and others. She has worked for Tyndale House Publishers, Group Publishing, Gospel Light, Standard Publishing, LifeWay, Focus on the Family, and Christianity Today.

Amy holds an English degree from Trinity International University and an MBA from the University of Colorado. She is deeply in love with her incredible husband, Trevor, and extremely proud of her two fantastic kids. She lives with these wonderful people in Illinois, where she is committed to using the gifts God has given her in work that changes the world.

Books by Amy Simpson

by Amy Simpson - Christian, Christian Living, Christianity, Nonfiction, Religion

Challenging the idolatrous underpinnings of worry, former Christianity Today executive Amy Simpson encourages us to root our faith in who God is, not in our own will power. We don’t often give much thought to why worry offends God, but indulging anxiety binds us to mere possibilities and blinds us to the truth. Correctly understanding the theology of worry is critical to true transformation. This is a book not just for people who worry; this is a call to the church to turn its eyes from the things of earth and fix its eyes on the author and completer of our faith.