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Amy Krouse Rosenthal


Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Amy Krouse Rosenthal is a person who likes to make things.

Some things she likes to make:
Children's books.
Grown-up books.
Short films.
Connections with the universe.
Something out of nothing.

According to The New York Times, Amy's award-winning children's books "radiate fun the way tulips radiate spring: they are elegant and spirit-lifting." Her 16 books for children include LITTLE PEA, SPOON, THE WONDER BOOK, COOKIES: BITE-SIZE LIFE LESSONS, AND DUCK!RABBIT!.

As for her adult work, Amazon named ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AN ORDINARY LIFE one of the top 10 memoirs of the decade.

A long-time contributor to NPR, she is currently the host and creator of Mission Amy K produced by Chicago Public Radio.

Her short films include 17 Things I Made, ATM Always Trust Magic, The Kindness Thought Bubble, The Money Tree, Chip the Monk and the interactive, ongoing film project The Beckoning of Lovely (a feature-length film is scheduled for hopeful release on 11/11/11).

Amy lives IRL with her family in Chicago and online at

Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Books by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

by Amy Krouse Rosenthal - Memoir

In the ten years since her beloved, groundbreaking ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AN ORDINARY LIFE, Amy Krouse Rosenthal has been quietly at work on this modest but mighty magnum opus. She has cultivated a distinct blend of nonlinear memoir, observational humor, wistful reflections and interactive connections with readers. A timeless collection of insights, memories and moments that are at once intimate and universal, TEXTBOOK AMY KROUSE ROSENTHAL speaks to the awe, bewilderment and poignancy of being alive.

by Amy Krouse Rosenthal - Children's

Everyone knows cookies taste good, but these cookies also have something good to say. Open this delectable book to any page and you will find out something about life. COOKIES: BITE-SIZE LIFE LESSONS is a new kind of dictionary, one that defines mysteries such as "fair" and "unfair" and what it really means to "cooperate."