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Amy Haimerl


Amy Haimerl

Amy Haimerl is the author of DETROIT HUSTLE, a memoir about her experience moving to the Motor City and rehabbing a dilapidated historic home. She teaches journalism at Michigan State University and covers entrepreneurship and urban policy for Fortune, Reuters and the New York Times. She was the entrepreneurship editor at Crain's Detroit Business, where she covered the city's historic bankruptcy. She is an alum of Fortune Small Business, CNNMoney, Westword, the Jackson Free Press and more. She lives in Detroit with her husband, Karl; two dogs, Maddie and Beaubien, and stray cat, Jack, who is the boss of everyone. She loves pitbulls and cowboy boots.

Books by Amy Haimerl

by Amy Haimerl - Nonfiction

Journalist Amy Haimerl and her husband had been priced out of their Brooklyn neighborhood. Seeing this as a great opportunity to start over again, they decide to cash in their savings and buy an abandoned house for $35,000 in Detroit, the largest city in the United States to declare bankruptcy. As she and her husband restore the 1914 Georgian Revival, Amy finds a community of Detroiters who, like herself, aren’t afraid of a little hard work or things that are a little rough around the edges. Amy writes evocatively about the charms and challenges of finding her footing in a city whose future is in question.