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Alice Walker


Alice Walker

Alice Walker, winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award, is a canonical figure in American letters. She is the author of THE COLOR PURPLE, THE TEMPLE OF MY FAMILIAR, HORSES MAKE A LANDSCAPE LOOK MORE BEAUTIFUL, THE WAY FORWARD IS WITH A BROKEN HEART, NOW IS THE TIME TO OPEN YOUR HEART, and many other works of fiction, poetry and nonfiction. Her writings have been translated into more than two dozen languages, and more than 15 million copies of her books have been sold worldwide. 

Alice Walker

Books by Alice Walker

written by Alice Walker, edited by Valerie Boyd - Collection, Literary, Memoir, Nonfiction

For the first time, the edited journals of Alice Walker are gathered together to reflect the complex, passionate, talented and acclaimed Pulitzer Prize winner. In an unvarnished and singular voice, she explores an astonishing array of events: marching in Mississippi with other foot soldiers of the Civil Rights Movement; her marriage to a Jewish lawyer; an early miscarriage; writing her first novel; the trials and triumphs of the Women’s Movement; erotic encounters and enduring relationships; the ancestral visits that led her to write THE COLOR PURPLE; winning the Pulitzer Prize; being admired and maligned, sometimes in equal measure, for her work and her activism; and burying her mother.

by Alice Walker - Fiction

Alice Walker's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel is the story of Celie, a young girl abused by her father and then married off to a violent and angry man. She maintains her dignity and strength through her relationship with Shug, a flamboyant blues singer who is having an affair with Celie's husband. With Shug's love comes great courage, and Celie finds a new person inside herself, awaiting bloom.