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Adrienne Benson


Adrienne Benson

Adrienne Benson was raised in Africa, and has called Kenya, Liberia, Zambia and the Ivory Coast home. A former Peace Corps volunteer, her work has appeared in the Washington Post, the Huffington Post and the Foreign Service Journal, as well as in a handful of literary journals.

Books by Adrienne Benson

by Adrienne Benson - Fiction

Leona, an isolated American anthropologist, gives birth to a baby girl in a remote Maasai village and must decide how she can be a mother, in spite of her own grim childhood. Jane, a lonely expat wife, follows her husband to the tropics and learns just how fragile life is. Simi, a barren Maasai woman, must confront her infertility in a society in which females are valued by their reproductive roles. In this affecting debut novel, these three very different women grapple with motherhood, recalibrate their identities, and confront unforeseen tragedies and triumphs.