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You Never Said Goodbye


You Never Said Goodbye

Laurie Cooper met Anthony Sullivan when they were young, and she thought she had found her dream life. He was confident, bound for success, handsome and obsessed with her. He promised her that they would live in a huge mansion, and she would have everything she could ever want. And he lived up to that promise. Just as long as she did exactly what he told her to do.

Once Laurie realized that she had no freedom, the sparkle of their relationship quickly dimmed. She wanted out. But Anthony is a man you don’t leave. If he wants you, you’re his. And he has “people” to handle things for him, watch out for his wife and protect his property. To Anthony, Laurie is his property. She does not have permission to go anywhere. Somehow, though, Laurie manages to escape. It’s a bit messy, but she’s out of there. She can’t look back now. Anthony will have his men on her tail as soon as he knows she’s missing.

"Luca Veste takes obsession and mixes it with betrayal, double-crosses, fear, love, lies and more betrayal. The result is a rollercoaster of emotion and heart-pounding action."

For a few short years, Laurie finds happiness by starting a family and living what most people would call a normal life. But it doesn’t last. She can’t stay on the run forever. Something was bound to happen. When she returns home after nearly 10 years, she figures that Anthony surely has moved on. But she’s wrong --- very wrong. He will never move on. Laurie is his. There’s a confrontation, a deadly chase and an accident. Several die. Laurie’s husband, David, and their oldest son, Sam, miraculously survive, but their lives have forever changed.

Twenty-five years pass. Sam is living in London and has met a young woman he thinks might be “the one.” Could happiness finally be on his doorstep? He’s only just getting to know her when he receives a call that his father is in the hospital. They have not seen each other for a decade, their relationship strained by the long-ago scars left by the accident. Sam considers not visiting him, but then he rethinks that and makes the trip to the tiny English village where David has been living all this time.

What Sam sees there confuses him. His dad makes a shocking comment that he doesn’t know whether or not to believe, but he begins to wonder about the truth of it when men with bad intent come after him. Fleeing in panic back to London, Sam reviews the recent events and what David told him. Could his mum be alive? The idea is absurd. But just the suggestion is enough to send him to the US in search of answers. Why, though, would Sam be left to wonder? Wouldn’t she have contacted him somehow? It doesn’t make sense. Still, he has to know.

When the plane touches down in Boston, Sam triggers a massive manhunt. He only came across the pond to prove to himself that his mother died along with his brother 35 years ago. But if that’s true, why are people with guns chasing him? Lots of people. Who are they, and what do they want? More importantly, who can he trust?

In YOU NEVER SAID GOODBYE, Luca Veste takes obsession and mixes it with betrayal, double-crosses, fear, love, lies and more betrayal. The result is a rollercoaster of emotion and heart-pounding action. Never relax while reading this book. Never.

Reviewed by Kate Ayers on January 20, 2023

You Never Said Goodbye
by Luca Veste