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Wolf Trap


Wolf Trap

Following his successful debut novel, SLEEPING BEAR, Connor Sullivan steps right back into the crowded thriller arena and proves he is no one-trick pony. WOLF TRAP is not just a thriller; it’s a political hotbed of a story that puts Sullivan more in Brad Thor territory as his book rivals that level of intrigue.

The prologue is set in eastern Yemen and introduces us to Iranian MOIS officer Mahmoud Ghorbani as he recruits a deadly team of mercenaries to join him in his fight against the Great Satan that is the United States of America. Ghorbani is seeking to do something of such magnitude against his mortal enemy that he feels he will be reborn among his own people and settled upon a higher plane of respect.

"WOLF TRAP is not just a thriller; it’s a political hotbed of a story that puts Sullivan more in Brad Thor territory as his book rivals that level of intrigue."

There is just one person in the world who might stand in the way of this plan, and he is currently driving a snowcat vehicle in Big Sky, Montana. His name is Brian Rhome, and he wants nothing more than anonymity at this point in his life. He has gone so deep into his new persona that he is facing eviction for failing to pay his rent and housing bills. What makes Rhome special is where he came from, a past that includes work with the Ground Branch of the CIA --- a group so undercover that the U.S. government denies their existence.

Before Rhome will be called back into special service, we must discover what global crisis requires someone of his level to assist. Angela Buchanan is the first female POTUS in history, elected at a very early age. Right now, what’s driving her is the promise she made to her late husband, who was the most influential climate scientist in the world. She is about to literally flip the switch, along with six allied countries, on a Global Green Accord that will have landmark impact on the current energy crisis.

There are many who want to see the President fail. One internal enemy is the man who goes by the moniker “Custer.” He and his fellow “benefactors” will stop at nothing to have this agreement implode on a global scale. Regrettably, they will be temporarily successful. When all seven reactors melt down simultaneously around the planet, it is compared to 9/11 for the negative influence it has on the rest of the world. This prompts individuals like Jack Brenner of the CIA to get involved. When he realizes who the enemy might be, even after an international news story leaks that Iran is taking responsibility, he knows that he must reach out to his godson, Brian Rhome.

To ensure his involvement, Brenner informs Rhome that the terrorist Qasim al-Raymi is still alive. Rhome swore he was dead. After al-Raymi killed his entire team, Rhome managed the drone strike that he thought took out his archrival and effectively got him his revenge. Instead, Brenner is able to tie al-Raymi to the current global tragedy that has made the U.S. look like fools, which is more than enough temptation to get Rhome back in the game.

Once Rhome arrives overseas and begins his own country-hopping journey to avenging both his own men and his country, the plot heats up significantly. However, little does he know that this trek will send him down the pathways leading to his own dark past and might open up doors he thought were closed forever.

WOLF TRAP is appropriately titled. Not only does it reflect a symbolic interaction that Rhome has with a pack of wolves early on in the story, it embodies the literal trap that Connor Sullivan has in store for readers, who will not be able to escape this dynamic, twisting novel that is suspenseful and full of surprises from start to finish.

Reviewed by Ray Palen on March 17, 2023

Wolf Trap
by Connor Sullivan

  • Publication Date: March 14, 2023
  • Genres: Fiction, Suspense, Thriller
  • Hardcover: 480 pages
  • Publisher: Atria/Emily Bestler Books
  • ISBN-10: 1982166428
  • ISBN-13: 9781982166427