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Walking Through Needles

About the Book

Walking Through Needles

A riveting, dark debut psychological thriller perfect for fans of Gillian Flynn, S.J. Watson and Megan Abbott.

From an early age, Sam Mayfair knew she was different. Like any young girl, she developed infatuations and lust --- but her desires were always tinged with darkness. Then, when Sam was 16, her life was shattered by an abuser close to her. And she made one shocking decision whose ramifications would reverberate throughout her life. 

Now, 15 years later, Sam learns that her abuser has been murdered. The death of the man who plagued her dreams for years should have put an end to the torture she's endured. But when her stepbrother, Eric, becomes the prime suspect, Sam is flung back into the hell of her rural Oklahoma childhood. As Sam tries to help exonerate Eric, she must hide terrifying truths of their past from investigators. Yet as details of the murder unravel, Sam quickly learns that some people, including herself, will do anything to keep their secrets buried deep.

WALKING THROUGH NEEDLES is a riveting and unflinching look at violence, sexuality and desire from a compelling and unforgettable new voice in Heather Levy.

Walking Through Needles
by Heather Levy