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U2: The Definitive Biography

About the Book

U2: The Definitive Biography

This long-overdue unauthorized biography of the internationally renowned band presents an intimate record of their 35-year career.


John Jobling takes readers beyond the myth in this unauthorized biography to present the first comprehensive account of the illustrious Irish rockers in 25 years. Drawing on extensive interviews with insiders including record label scouts, studio presidents, politicians, music critics, and childhood friends, Jobling investigates the band’s most personal relationships and controversial business practices, delivering a vivid portrait that traces the rock phenomenon from its conception to post-punk champions to political crusaders. Filled with captivating revelations, reader will learn:

  • How Bono, the Edge, and Larry Mullen, Jr. worshipped with a Charismatic Christian church that practiced speaking in tongues during the band’s early days
  • Insider stories of the genesis and recording of classic albums such as The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby
  • Creative tensions within the band and power struggles among management
  • How the disappointments of the Rattle and Hum film and PopMart Tour spurred the band to greater creative heights
  • Both the successes and controversies of Bono’s wide-sweeping philanthropic and political ventures
  • The disconnect between the band’s personal lives and public personas


Sure to inspire debate with every music lover, this book humanizes the band and paints an honest picture of a band’s rise to the top, plunging into the heart and underlying soul of this iconic rock and roll band.

U2: The Definitive Biography
by John Jobling