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Week of March 25, 2019

Paperback releases for the week of March 26th include A GENTLEMAN IN MOSCOW, Amor Towles' transporting work of historical fiction about a man who is ordered to spend the rest of his life inside a luxury hotel; TWISTED PREY by John Sandford, in which Lucas Davenport confronts an old nemesis, who is now a powerful U.S. senator; ALL THE BEAUTIFUL GIRLS, Elizabeth J. Church’s novel about a gutsy showgirl who tries to conquer her past amongst the glamour of 1960s Las Vegas; THE DUCHESS by Penny Junor, the first in-depth biography of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and her remarkable transformation from pariah to popular royal consort; and I AM, I AM, I AM, Maggie O'Farrell's astonishing memoir of the near-death experiences that have punctuated and defined her life.

John Sandford, author of Twisted Prey: A Lucas Davenport Novel

A rich psychopath, Taryn Grant had run successfully for the U.S. Senate, where Lucas Davenport had predicted she'd fit right in. He was also convinced that she'd been responsible for three murders, though he'd never been able to prove it. Once a psychopath had gotten that kind of rush, though, he or she often needed another fix, so he figured he might be seeing her again. He was right.