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Critical Praise

“Landon and Kelley, creators of the television film Love Comes Softly, have written another novel (after THE SILENT GIFT) rich in drama, emotion, mystery and romance. The tale opens on a Civil War battlefield, moves to a convent near St. Louis and then to the “cottage” --- a well-appointed lakeside home --- of the wealthy Prescott family. At the center of this drama is Mercy, a woman who remembers nothing of her past and, clearly, her many secrets. She finds solace with a group of nuns, but when Rand Prescott visits the convent, her life takes another unexpected turn. Questions loom: what is the significance of the medallion Mercy wears? Will she and Rand find happiness? Will the mysterious soldier who seems to recognize Mercy help her finally recover her memory? Romance readers will enjoy the theatrics of this tale and will eagerly await the next book in the Mercy Medallion Trilogy.”       
    — Publishers Weekly