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Summer Reading 2021

All summer long, we at have been sharing some great summer book picks with our Summer Reading Feature. While our series of 24-hour contests have ended, we encourage you to take a look at our featured titles for some sizzling summer reading ideas.

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The War Nurse by Tracey Enerson Wood

Superintendent of Nurses Julia Stimson must recruit 65 nurses to relieve the battle-worn British, months before American troops are ready to be deployed. She knows that the young nurses serving near the front lines will face a challenging situation, but nothing could have prepared her for the chaos that awaits when they arrive at British Base Hospital 12 in Rouen, France. The primitive conditions, a convoluted, ineffective system, and horrific battle wounds are enough to discourage the most hardened nurses, and Julia can do nothing but lead by example --- even as the military doctors undermine her authority and make her question her very place in the hospital tent.

Week of March 7, 2022

Paperback releases for the week of March 7th include HER PERFECT LIFE, a thrilling stand-alone novel from Hank Phillippi Ryan that revolves around beloved television reporter Lily Atwood, who must protect a life-changing secret in order to keep her perfect life; HOMO IRREALIS, a collection of André Aciman's thoughts on time, the creative mind, and great lives and works --- a deep reflection on the imagination’s power to forge a zone outside of time’s intractable hold; TRIO by William Boyd, an enthralling novel that asks the vital questions: What makes life worth living? And what do you do if you find it isn’t?; Tracey Enerson Wood's THE WAR NURSE, a sweeping work of historical fiction based on a true story that takes readers on an unforgettable journey through World War I France; and the paperback original MY DARLING HUSBAND, a heart-pounding thriller from Kimberly Belle in which a masked home invader reveals the cracks in a marriage.