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The Twist of a Knife


The Twist of a Knife

THE TWIST OF A KNIFE is the fourth entry in Anthony Horowitz’s surreal series featuring himself as the protagonist working alongside the brilliant and bizarre ex-detective Daniel Hawthorne.

Tony has tagged along with Hawthorne on three investigations, which has led to three bestselling books. But there will not be a fourth, as he informs a dejected Hawthorne that their deal is over. Tony has written a play called “Mindgame” that is opening at the Vaudeville Theater in London’s West End. He spends time describing his love of the theater, indicating that clever murder mystery plays like Anthony Shaffer’s “Sleuth” and Ira Levin’s “Deathtrap” inspired “Mindgame.”

"THE TWIST OF A KNIFE is an enjoyable read made all the more memorable by the highly realistic theatrical setting of this always engaging mystery."

It is often said in the theater game that you would kill for positive reviews, as they hold a power unlike any other entertainment medium to make or break a production. In the case of “Mindgame,” various critics are there for the premiere. One in particular, Harriet Throsby, is notorious for being nearly impossible to please. Surprisingly she shows up at the afterparty, and Tony hopes this is a sign that a good review may be forthcoming.

He could not be more wrong. The review is scathing from start to finish, and nearly no one involved in the production escapes Throsby’s wrath. She calls the stars, Jordan Williams and Tirian Kirke, grandiloquent and childish, respectively. She also refers to the director, Ewan Lloyd, as being on autopilot and equally dismisses Tony’s plot. Even with all this vitriol being spread about “Mindgame,” it is equally shocking to learn that Throsby has been found dead in her apartment. To make matters much worse, she was stabbed with an ornamental dagger that belongs to Tony.

The police believe that they have more than enough evidence and motive for Tony to have committed this heinous crime. Thus begins the setup for a dynamite murder case that will have readers furiously turning pages. Tony knows he is innocent, but will Hawthorne be able to find enough evidence to pin the murder on someone else? Especially when it’s probably one of the individuals directly involved with the play, which already has received enough bad publicity?

Once again, Anthony Horowitz is a scarily talented individual whose skills know no boundaries. THE TWIST OF A KNIFE is an enjoyable read made all the more memorable by the highly realistic theatrical setting of this always engaging mystery.

Reviewed by Ray Palen on November 18, 2022

The Twist of a Knife
by Anthony Horowitz

  • Publication Date: November 14, 2023
  • Genres: Fiction, Mystery
  • Paperback: 384 pages
  • Publisher: Harper Perennial
  • ISBN-10: 0062938193
  • ISBN-13: 9780062938190