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Summer Reading 2022

All summer long, we at have been sharing some great summer book picks with our Summer Reading Feature. While our series of 24-hour contests have ended, we encourage you to take a look at our featured titles for some sizzling summer reading ideas.

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Jennifer Weiner, author of The Summer Place

When her 22-year-old stepdaughter announces her engagement to her pandemic boyfriend, Sarah Danhauser is shocked. Headstrong Ruby has already set a date and spoken to her beloved safta, Sarah’s mother Veronica, about having the wedding at the family’s beach house in Cape Cod. Veronica is thrilled to be bringing the family together one last time before putting the big house on the market. But when the wedding day arrives, lovers are revealed as their true selves, misunderstandings take on a life of their own, and secrets come to light. There are confrontations and revelations that will touch each member of the extended family, ensuring that nothing will ever be the same.

Week of April 3, 2023

Paperback releases for the week of April 3rd include FINDING ME, Viola Davis' much-talked-about memoir, in which the internationally acclaimed actress and producer recounts the path she took to finding her purpose and strength, but also to finding her voice in a world that didn’t always see her; THE SUMMER PLACE, Jennifer Weiner’s love letter to the Outer Cape and the power of home, how our lives are enriched by the people we call family, and the endless ways love can surprise us; Emily Giffin's MEANT TO BE, a nostalgic, hopelessly romantic escape that finds a restless golden boy and a girl with a troubled past navigating a love story that may be doomed before it even begins; TAKE YOUR BREATH AWAY, Linwood Barclay's gripping psychological thriller about a formerly missing woman who has suddenly returned under mysterious circumstances; and FOUR TREASURES OF THE SKY by Jenny Tinghui Zhang, a dazzling debut novel set against the backdrop of the Chinese Exclusion Act, about a Chinese girl fighting to claim her place in the 1880s American West.