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The Night They Vanished


The Night They Vanished

From the author of THE WOMAN IN THE DARK and THE WOODS comes THE NIGHT THEY VANISHED, a heart-thumping thriller featuring Hanna, a young woman who made a big mistake back in high school and the frightening, lingering repercussions that follow.

Hanna’s father thought he was making the right decisions about his daughter. Their small hometown in Wales reeled from what she had done. Having her go away seemed like the best idea. At 15, she had brought shame to the family, rebelled against every rule her parents made and, in the end, left their Welsh community picking up the pieces of a tragedy so stunning they never forgot. And the town blamed Hanna. Now she rarely goes back for a visit; when she does, it almost always ends in an argument. Her mum tries to keep the peace, but her dad acts like he can’t stand the sight of her. To make matters worse, Hanna barely interacts with her half-sister, Sasha, who is now 14. Why does she torture herself this way?

"Vanessa Savage’s new thriller not only will get your pulse racing but also will make you rethink your approach to helping others solve their problems. This is a definite don’t-miss."

It’s been 14 years, and now Hanna has a good job, a nice home and a boyfriend --- well, she had a boyfriend. Liam turned out to be a total jerk, not that Hanna didn’t beg him to stay. If she’s honest with herself, she’ll admit that Liam was just the latest in a long string of jerks. She still has trouble getting over Jacob, her first true love. Was Jacob a jerk too? Maybe history is simply repeating itself.

Hanna’s longtime best friend, Dee, tries to set her up with a blind date. Really, she says, Adam is nice. Now that’s a sentence no one wants to hear when told why you’d want to meet someone: He’s nice. Seriously? But Hanna trusts Dee, so reluctantly she heads to the pub to meet Adam, promising herself she’ll give it an honest try. That means she’ll hang around for maybe an hour. But then she starts to warm up to Adam. Their first date ends with him taking her to a creepy deserted house with a spooky history and confessing that his hobby has morphed into a sort of job. He explains that he manages a website called The Dark Tourist. It sounds weird and frankly unnerving, but Adam really does seem nice.

The morning after their date, Hanna explores The Dark Tourist website in more depth and makes a shocking discovery. The newest listing shows images of her family’s home and a gruesome story claiming that her entire family is gone. Adam swears he didn’t upload it. But can she trust him? After all, she only just met him. Of course, they get the police involved, which is tough for Hanna, considering her sketchy past. By now, she has convinced herself that she actually likes Adam. What is he going to think of her when her whole sordid history is laid out before him?

Then, as more sinister entries appear on The Dark Tourist, nagging doubts creep in. Is he lying to her? Who else could be putting these listings on the website? Launching their own investigation only produces more questions. The most pressing one of all is: Are they in danger, or is it merely a nasty prank?

Someone wants to mess with Hanna’s head, and they do a great job in THE NIGHT THEY VANISHED. Even in these times with computers and cell phones, some families restrict usage, which makes them vulnerable to a highly savvy criminal. And there’s a highly savvy criminal to be reckoned with here. Vanessa Savage’s new thriller not only will get your pulse racing but also will make you rethink your approach to helping others solve their problems. This is a definite don’t-miss.

Reviewed by Kate Ayers on May 13, 2022

The Night They Vanished
by Vanessa Savage