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The Mistake I Made


The Mistake I Made

The protagonist in THE MISTAKE I MADE, Paula Daly’s latest novel (following JUST WHAT KIND OF MOTHER ARE YOU? and KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE), is Roz, a single mother who is struggling on her own following the end of her marriage to an irresponsible man who offers no financial support to either her or her son, George.

"This is an excellent psychological thriller that had me mesmerized from first page to last."

Consequently, Roz is in horrible debt, which has caused her to lose her business and her home. She is currently working as a physiotherapist for a health clinic, but her salary does not make ends meet while bringing up her nine-year-old. She is just about at her wits’ end and has no options at this point.

During a family gathering, Roz meets Scott Elias, a handsome married businessman. Scott offers her a way out of debt with no strings attached. All she has to do is spend one night with him. At first she refuses, but as time goes by and Scott becomes relentless in his offer, she gives in. Unfortunately, the “no strings” did not turn out that way. Scott badgers Roz for more of her time, which she accepts with the promise of more and more money.

In the meantime, Roz meets a man in whom she really becomes interested and is working towards a meaningful relationship. When Scott catches wind of this latest development, he becomes jealous and sets off a series of sinister events that will pose a serious threat to Roz’s life.

THE MISTAKE I MADE slowly draws you in until you can no longer put the book down. Paula Daly is a master storyteller who leaves nothing short of the imagination. This is an excellent psychological thriller that had me mesmerized from first page to last. You will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by Judy Frasca on November 25, 2015

The Mistake I Made
by Paula Daly