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The Marriage Lie


The Marriage Lie

Iris and Will Griffith have been married for seven years now, and life is good. Real good. They have their Atlanta dream home, excellent careers, and a love for each other that’s rare. At least that’s what Iris would say should you ask her. The day after their seventh anniversary starts out like many days, with the couple waking to entwined limbs and smiles. All too soon, though, Will has to disentangle himself and head off to a conference in Orlando.

A short time later, Iris hears news of an airplane crash that gives her some agonizingly tense moments. But she heaves a huge sigh of relief when she learns that the plane was headed for Seattle. She’s relieved, that is, until she hears more news, this of a much grimmer nature. Still, it confuses her. Why would Will have lied about going to Orlando? For what reason would he have gone to Seattle instead? Iris reassures herself that he wouldn’t have. The airline simply got it it wrong. Will went to Orlando, just as he told her. So she tries to contact him on his cell phone (can’t hurt to be absolutely sure), and she gets nothing but silence in return. A tiny niggle of suspicion begins to bloom. If only Will would return her calls. In the meantime, Iris won’t take anyone’s word as fact. She has to find out for herself. But when she starts digging deeper, she is shocked to discover how little she really knew about her husband.

"Fans of GONE GIRL and THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN will eat up Kimberly Belle’s latest novel. The pace is relentless, and the plot never runs in a straight line.... This one is a true brain twister!"

Fortunately, Iris has a loving family to support her at this time. Her mother hovers, while her father plays liaison between Iris and the airline. Dave, her twin brother, could hardly be more supportive. He leaps right in to help his sister unravel the puzzle. Whatever Iris needs, Dave is by her side every step of the way, and Mom and Dad stand with them both. Let Iris lean on family for now. But Dave and the others have lives they must go back to at some point. So, reluctantly, they leave Iris, with a promise that they all will get together again in just a few days.

Once her family has gone, things turn darker for Iris, leaning toward dangerous. And, with so many bizarre developments, Iris doesn’t know who to trust. The moment she thinks she has all of the answers, something else comes along to undermine her newfound confidence. Always, though, she returns to her basic question: What happened to Will? Was he on the plane to Seattle that crashed, or did he go to Orlando like he said? If he went to Orlando, why won’t he answer her calls? None of it makes sense. And then she gets some disturbing texts. They contain very perplexing information. But, while Iris starts to believe that Will is still alive, it could be simply a strong case of wishful thinking.

Fans of GONE GIRL and THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN will eat up Kimberly Belle’s latest novel. The pace is relentless, and the plot never runs in a straight line. Once that airplane headed for Seattle goes down, the questions begin to fly. People aren’t who they seem, don’t mean what they say, and lie about their intentions. It’s smoke and mirrors! Beware, THE MARRIAGE LIE might very well undermine your confidence, your convictions, and your trust in loved ones. This one is a true brain twister!

Reviewed by Kate Ayers on January 6, 2017

The Marriage Lie
by Kimberly Belle