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The Man in Milan


The Man in Milan

NYPD detectives Paul Rossi and Hamilton P. Turner catch a call to investigate a dead body. That’s not really rare on the streets of New York. But Rossi takes a closer look and immediately thinks something is fishy with this one. At first blush, it might appear to be a hit, but not the mob. The victim, Gaitano Muro, is Italian. A diplomat, by the identification on him. But, for some reason, the consul wants to deny that. So, if not the mob, then who? Is he working with the consulate or not?

Rossi fills in his partner, who had been delayed to the scene by --- well, what he’s usually delayed by, a woman. Rossi only wishes he were so lucky. As it stands, he has an ex-wife he still loves, a daughter he cherishes, an AA sponsor he relies on, and a desire for cigarettes that torments him daily. Turner has expensive suits, an affinity for poetry and an eye for the ladies. And now they both have a very problematic case on their hands.

"THE MAN IN MILAN is a refreshing yet gritty thriller. Vito Racanelli has produced a superb combination in Rossi and Turner, and readers will want to see more of them."

Lieutenant Patrick Dunne, their immediate boss, tells them to drop the case. The victim is a foreigner, so just close it and move on. Well, Rossi and Turner don’t work that way. And when more bodies start to pile up, even Dunne has to retract his previous order, albeit grudgingly. The streets of New York have become more dangerous than ever since Muro’s murder. But all too soon, the leads peter out in the city, and much to Turner’s delight, it appears that they will need to take a trip to Italy to have any chance of solving the crime. Rossi, though, thinks this just might be a suicide trip. As unlikely as it seems, the clues appear to be pointing to a decades-old airline catastrophe near the tiny Italian island of Ustica. How could something that happened over 20 years ago be connected to slayings in New York today? Rossi and Turner aim to find out.

Before they head across the pond, Muro’s sister Laura shows up to claim her brother’s body and take him home to his final resting place. It’s convenient timing for the detectives, because now they can accompany her to Italy, using her as a sort of escort in the country. Even more convenient, Laura is a lieutenant in the carabinieri. That’s a big advantage for them as she can provide resources otherwise unavailable to them.

Once they touch down in Rome, the action ramps up almost immediately. The local police have loaned the detectives a man to help, but they don’t necessarily believe in the adage “The more the merrier.” Not certain who to trust, Rossi and Turner play it close to the chest. They have a secret but decide not to share it. At one of the interviews they conducted in the States, Rossi found a clue that he has brought along to Italy. And now it’s time to head to Ustica to find their treasure. For a sleepy little islet, Ustica sees far too much action in the short time the detectives are there. But the key to unlocking what happened in the skies over the Tyrrhenian Sea all those years ago lies there. And apparently, keeping the past buried is worth taking more lives to those who buried it. Rossi and Turner need to survive in order to bring justice to the scores of lost souls. Fortunately, they are a determined pair.

THE MAN IN MILAN is a refreshing yet gritty thriller. Vito Racanelli has produced a superb combination in Rossi and Turner, and readers will want to see more of them. They act like real street cops, and know how to work a case and spot BS. Besides keeping themselves out of hot water as much as possible, they walk the walk and talk the talk. Throw in a shocking airline disaster with a despicable motive behind it, and you have a gripping novel that deserves to be a hit.

Reviewed by Kate Ayers on November 25, 2020

The Man in Milan
by Vito Racanelli

  • Publication Date: September 15, 2021
  • Genres: Fiction, Suspense, Thriller
  • Paperback: 336 pages
  • Publisher: Polis Books
  • ISBN-10: 1951709624
  • ISBN-13: 9781951709624