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The Last Midwife


The Last Midwife

Gracy Brookens has spent her life assisting pregnant women when their time came to bring their babies into the world. Raised by Nabby, a wise old midwife who took her in when her mother was unable to care for and feed another child, Gracy has been attending births for as long as she can remember. In fact, she was 10 years old when fate intervened and forced her to deliver her first baby without Nabby's assistance. Ever since then, Gracy has taken delight in helping new souls begin their lives.

Although she is a revered midwife and healer, Gracy knows that delivering babies isn't all rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes the circumstances surrounding a baby's birth are less than joyous, and babies die for no apparent reason. Other times, the man who thinks he's the baby's father isn't. Gracy is usually able to ferret out secrets surrounding the babies she delivers, even though she never shares this intelligence with others. All the secrets she learns are kept in strictest confidence. If she can help it, she'll take them to her grave.

"Readers will easily root for kindhearted Gracy to prove her innocence and thwart the dark powers that be who want to bring her down in order to keep their own dirty little secrets hidden."

In spite of her skills as a midwife, Gracy has found carrying and birthing her own babies to be almost impossible. Over many years of trying, she has suffered numerous miscarriages. Still, she did manage to have her son, Jeff, who is now 16 and making his own way in life. She also raised Emma, a beautiful child given to her by a mother with too many babies already. Unfortunately, Emma's life ended in tragedy when she was just four years old, leaving a hole in Gracy's loving heart.

Even though Gracy couldn't create the large family she would’ve preferred, she has found the love of a good man. Daniel, a miner who works in the Colorado mountains, loves the tall, raw-boned woman just as intensely as she loves him. No matter what disappointments they've shared, the two have forged on together. Now it's Daniel to whom Gracy turns when she's accused of a horrific crime.

Bone tired after delivering a baby in a nearby town, Gracy returns home ready to fall into bed. Instead, she is met at her house by the local sheriff, the undertaker and the town's doctor. A local businessman whose wife recently gave birth has accused Gracy of murdering their son. Although Gracy wasn't present at the birth, she tended to the baby a few days later when he was having trouble breathing. When she left him, all was well, but will anyone take her word against one of the town's most respected men?

Eventually the situation escalates until Gracy must face a court trial where her guilt or innocence will be determined. Unfortunately, in order to clear her name, Gracy may have to reveal the darkest secrets of some of the townsfolk, as well as her own matters that she would prefer to keep private. Can she prove that she did nothing wrong without taking others down in the process? Or will she have to do whatever it takes to preserve her freedom and maintain her good name?

Sandra Dallas’ THE LAST MIDWIFE is a tale that brings the harsh realities of life in the 1880s clearly into focus. Still, amidst the hardships are sprinkled moments of happiness and great joy. Readers will easily root for kindhearted Gracy to prove her innocence and thwart the dark powers that be who want to bring her down in order to keep their own dirty little secrets hidden.

Reviewed by Amie Taylor on October 2, 2015

The Last Midwife
by Sandra Dallas