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The Color of Lies


The Color of Lies

THE COLOR OF LIES is CJ Lyons’s latest novel. Lyons is the author of many thriller novels, including the Lucy Guardino thrillers and the Renegade Justice novels. THE COLOR OF LIES is a mystery novel about murders, deception and uncovering old secrets.

After being orphaned in a tragic fire at age three, Ella Cleary was raised by her grandmother, Helen, her uncle, Joe, and godfather and family friend, Darrin. Ella and her family also have synesthesia, a condition that causes Ella to see emotions as colors, Helen to feel sounds and Joe to taste words. Since her parents’ deaths, Ella has had a relatively happy, though somewhat isolated, upbringing and has become a budding artist. One day, while swimming at the college where she takes her graphic design classes, a journalism student, Alec Ravenell approaches her, hoping to interview her for a true crime novel he’s researching. Everything seems to be going well, Ella has finally met someone who makes her feel normal, until Alec reveals that the cause of her parents’ deaths was far more sinister than an accidental fire.

"THE COLOR OF LIES by CJ Lyons is an engaging mystery novel that is perfect for anyone who wants a book they won’t be able to put down."

Soon, Ella’s life has been turned upside down as she struggles to figure out who to trust and how to learn the truth about herself, her family and the death of her mother and father. Ella realizes that in order to find out what really happened, she may have to face a frightening reality.

THE COLOR OF LIES is an interesting and engaging read about an unsolved murder and family secrets. The novel is told through two points of view, Ella’s and Alec’s, which allows the reader to understand how the struggles the characters go through in the novel affect each of them, which creates an engaging story that always kept me interested. CJ Lyons is able to create a very effective mystery by allowing the reader to put the clues together before the characters, building suspense and making it impossible to put this novel down. THE COLOR OF LIES is not frightening in any way, but it still retains the aspects of a captivating mystery by keeping secrets from both the characters and the reader and allowing the reader to piece together the plot his or herself. At the same time, the friendship between Ella, Max and Rory provides a heartwarming aspect to the novel. While there are some unrealistic parts to the story, THE COLOR OF LIES is an overall excellent read!

THE COLOR OF LIES by CJ Lyons is an engaging mystery novel that is perfect for anyone who wants a book they won’t be able to put down. THE COLOR OF LIES is the book for anyone who likes a good mystery, but who isn’t exactly a fan of horror.

Reviewed by Ansley K., Teen Board Member on November 13, 2018

The Color of Lies
by CJ Lyons

  • Publication Date: November 6, 2018
  • Genres: Fiction, Mystery
  • Hardcover: 336 pages
  • Publisher: Blink
  • ISBN-10: 0310765358
  • ISBN-13: 9780310765356