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Daniel Silva, author of The Cellist

Once Russia’s richest man, Viktor Orlov now resides in splendid exile in London, where he has waged a tireless crusade against the authoritarian kleptocrats who have seized control of the Kremlin. Yet somehow, in the midst of a global pandemic, Russia’s vengeful president finally manages to cross Orlov’s name off his kill list. Gabriel Allon owes his very life to Viktor Orlov, and his desperate search for the truth eventually will take him to Geneva, where a private intelligence service controlled by a childhood friend of the Russian president is using KGB-style “active measures” to undermine the West from within. Known as the Haydn Group, the unit is plotting an unspeakable act of violence that will plunge an already divided America into chaos and leave Russia unchallenged.

Week of February 21, 2022

Paperback releases for the week of February 21st include SOOLEY, John Grisham's first basketball novel, in which readers are introduced to Samuel “Sooley” Sooleymon, a raw, young talent with big hoop dreams --- and even bigger challenges off the court; Daniel Silva's THE CELLIST, a timely and explosive thriller featuring art restorer and legendary spy Gabriel Allon, which explores one of the preeminent threats facing the West today --- the corrupting influence of dirty money wielded by a revanchist and reckless Russia; THE WOMAN THEY COULD NOT SILENCE by Kate Moore, a dark and dramatic but ultimately uplifting tale of a forgotten woman whose inspirational journey sparked lasting change for women's rights and exposed injustices that still resonate today; and Julian Sancton's MADHOUSE AT THE END OF THE EARTH, the harrowing true survival story of an early polar expedition that went terribly awry --- with the ship frozen in ice and the crew trapped inside for the entire sunless, Antarctic winter.