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Michael Crichton, author of The Andromeda Evolution

Deep inside Fairchild Air Force Base, Project Eternal Vigilance has continued to watch and wait for the Andromeda Strain to reappear. On the verge of being shut down, the project has registered no activity --- until now. A Brazilian terrain-mapping drone has detected a bizarre anomaly of otherworldly matter in the middle of the jungle and, worse yet, the tell-tale chemical signature of the deadly microparticle. With this shocking discovery, the next-generation Project Wildfire is activated, and a diverse team of experts hailing from all over the world is dispatched to investigate the potentially apocalyptic threat. If they can’t reach the quarantine zone, enter the anomaly and figure out how to stop it, this new Andromeda Evolution will annihilate all life as we know it.

Week of May 18, 2020

Paperback releases for the week of May 18th include Daniel H. Wilson's THE ANDROMEDA EVOLUTION, a gripping sequel to Michael Crichton's THE ANDROMEDIA STRAIN that is terrifyingly realistic and resonant; HOW TO FORGET, actress Kate Mulgrew's profoundly honest and examined memoir about returning to Iowa to care for her ailing parents; DOXOLOGY by Nell Zink, a moving and original novel about two generations of an American family that come of age --- one before 9/11, one after; Daniel Okrent's THE GUARDED GATE, the powerful, definitive and timely account of how the rise of eugenics helped America close the immigration door to “inferiors” in the 1920s; THE BODY LIES, a work of riveting psychological suspense from Jo Baker that grapples with how to live as a woman in the world --- or in the pages of a book --- when the stakes are dangerously high; and THE YANKEE WIDOW by Linda Lael Miller, a richly layered, emotional novel about one woman’s courage and the choices she must make in the face of a dangerous war.